Special fitness challenge.

Take care of your inner- and outer self.
Delicious meals, scientifically balanced to pair with some of the best exercise sessions around.
Improve your Shape and last but not least-
A lot of fun with like-minded people
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Free delivery within 20 KM from Luxembourg City
Join us on justfood.lu and swiftr.lu fitness challenge April 26, 2021
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Fitness Marathon - How it works
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Start getting back in shape on April 26
Workouts: 5 fitness sessions (combination of offline and online)
1 Online ( Total Bare class )
1 Online ( New Bie Power Mix )
1 InStudio ( BagClass )
1 InStudio ( ABS and HIIT )
1 Outdoor ( Total Body Workout )

Energizing balanced food:
10 full days with 5 meals a day by justfood.lu
Try one day of balanced food
Calories count of your choice: 1200, 1500, 2000 or 2500 kcal per day.
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Why justfood.lu?

Only fresh ingredients
Reach menu
Minimum salt or sugar
Well calculated Calories
No butter used for cooking
Delivery on time


We deliver your menu 3 times a week: Sunday eve for Monday.
Monday eve for Tuesday and Wednesday.
Wednesday eve for Thursday and Friday.

Free delivery within 20 km from Luxembourg city center typically between 7 and 9 PM.
Paid delivery is possible outside of free delivery zone (see the map)


Can I be sure about the quality and safety of the products?
The products we use for cooking go through three stages of control:

- Quality control at suppliers
- Inspection at our kitchen upon delivery
- Continuous checks and controls during and after the cooking process

Ingredients that do not meet strict quality control standards are immediately replaced.

Our kitchen is being regularly inspected by Signa group – association that specializes in food production quality control.
What is Swiftr?
Digital fitness and wellness membership. With one active membership - One application in your phone - You can access all our partner studios. Unlimited.
What result can I expect after the challenge?
We will give you the conditions to achieve your goals - nutrition combined with workout sessions. Typically people participating in our challenges feel more energized with a stronger and healthier body and mind.
Can I switch offline workout to online
Our challenge program is pre-built with our trainiers. But please feel free to contact swiftr team and we will address your querries
How justfood.lu menu will look like?
The nutrition program for these 2 weeks willl be have a variety of healthy dishes. For examples of justfood.lu menu please visit our website justfood.lu

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